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  • Tutorial videos for advanced tricks like gatehacks, chicken baxter etc.
  • Full-game warpless tutorials. 1 video per level with commentary would be a good format. Include alternate strats, easier strats and optimal strats. Explain egg counts.
  • Updated tutorial for all the 1-1 warps. (1 long video or short videos covering each warp individually)
  • Full-game 100% tutorials.
  • 5-4 skip tutorial. Make sure to mention half skip.
  • Merge TAS guide and TAS tricks together
  • Enemy list
  • SNES vs GBA differences. (Not super important)
  • Level pages. Update videos if needed. Included bullet point lists with text breakdowns. 1-1 is a good example but still needs some work. Make gifs to go along with the text breakdowns. 1-1 100% is a good example but again, still needs work.
  • Visual aesthetics for all pages so they're not just plain white. Maybe we could use backgrounds from the game in a similar way to how the leaderboards are done