1-1 Any%

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Basic 1-1 Warpless: https://youtu.be/ICAg6VxRvs0


  • A straightforward level that does not require any particular egg count.
  • Make sure not to run on any of the small hills in the terrain.
  • An enemy can be used for an Extended Flutter, which gets Yoshi high enough to make it over the middle of the level, removing the need to take the slow beanstalk.
  • An easy way to kill the pirahna plant at the end of the level is to fire a neutral eggshot (simply tapping A if your controls are set to Hasty) in the air or just before running into it (simply tap A twice if on Patient Settings).
  • In this level, collecting a flower and getting hit by an enemy will both trigger an information box, which will waste a little bit of time.

Faster Shyguy Bounce

Faster Route

  • This strat saves about 0.4s over the basic route.
  • You upspit the enemy without holding right so it lands in the correct position. Shooting the green shyguy out of the way makes it much easier.
  • If the shyguy lands in the wrong place you can still do the basic route as a backup without losing any time.

1-1 IL WR


  • There is a small optimization that can be made which requires a perfect jump chained with an extended flutter to skip the beanstalk. It can be seen in the Individual Level World Record.
  • Do the faster route shown above, but after you bounce off the enemy do a perfect jump off of the rotating platform to keep your extended flutter.
  • This saves about another 0.4s over the strat shown above. It is not recommended for full-game runs unless you like resetting constantly.


  • If you miss it, you can get up using this backup involving a perfect flutter (hold B when you bounce off the enemy to bounce higher).