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Opinions Regarding Swag


Different statements to define swag.

  • It cannot save time if it's swag.
  • It has to look cool to be swag.
  • People have to go nuts in the chat: TriHard FrankerZ TriHard YOLO.
  • IT ONLY SAVES 3 SECONDS... -Carl "Granny" Sagan
  • "Secretly We Are Gay" (SWAG) -People who get annoyed with silly things.
  • -bonus ..... TriHarder

Simple Swag Techniques

Running Backwards Demonstration
Version 1.0 Exclusive

Dry Pumping

Pressing A without having any eggs will result in a false throwing animation. This increases the all-important APM until you have eggs to throw and juggle.

Running Backwards

Yoshi can run forward while facing backwards if he's aiming an egg (also works without eggs but you have to keep pressing the A button). To do this, jump, tap left for 1 frame, start egg-aiming, then hold right. You can also hit the L and R buttons to stop the egg-aiming cursor at various points. This can actually save frames because it sets your velocity to 760 rather than 752 if you do it quickly.

For even more swag, jump, cancel egg-aiming and resume egg-aiming backwards again before landing.


Since releasing forward while tonguing mid-air doesn't slow you down, this can be used to increase APM. Tonguing in different directions increases swag levels significantly.

Music Synchronizing

Tonguing, jumping or egg-aiming to the music may often result in a slightly higher swag level. Most common in auto-scrollers but still doable in other places as well.

Boo Guy Straight Spit

You need a pipe with Boo Guys to do this. Tongue a Boo Guy while it's still in the pipe then spit it forward to make it fly away at an upward angle instead of travelling in the normal downward curve like normal.

Egg Swag

Repeatedly aim and cancel eggs to look cool and raise your APM. Use the claw grip (thumb on A, index finger on Y) or both thumbs to shuffle eggs even faster. Also try to come up with cool and creative egg-shots and then juggle those eggs for extra swag. Check out the egg page for more information.

Advanced Swag

Room Transitions

Similar to the pipe jump. When entering a horizontal pipe or screen transition, pressing down, A, B or Y on the same frame will make Yoshi do the first frame of the button's animation while in the transition. Unlike the pipe glitch, this does not save any time. If done too early, time will be lost waiting for the animation to finish before being able to continue (this does not apply to pressing A as this will make Yoshi lose the egg being aimed).


Ground Pound Door Entry

If you ground pound while travelling up towards a door, you can save 2 frames if you get a 1st frame door entry. This is because you're entering the door during the ground pound animation rather than after landing and then entering.


Stompception happens when you ground pound on moving objects such as chomp rocks, edges of moving platforms or sex stomp on beanstalk leaf platforms.

Off-Screen Ground Pound

After killing Roger The Potted Ghost in 2-8, quickly run to the left and ground pound off the edge. If you're lucky you will get an off-screen key. If you ground pounding early enough, Yoshi can clip through the bottom of the keyhole at the end of the cutscene. This also possible after killing Giant Baby Bowser.
Keep in mind this is 15 frames slower [1]


If Yoshi ground pounds Hookbill before he lands on his back on the final hit of the fight, Yoshi will "blast off" into the sky. This trick can save 1-2 seconds or cost up to 1 minute depending on the blast-off variation.

See blast-off for more information.