How To Get Lives

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Zombie Glitch - 999 Lives

How To Get 999 Lives
  • Jump in the middle ring and proceed to die until you have 1 life left.
  • Enter door 1.
  • Go to the !switch and fall in the lava facing left against the wall, like in the video.
  • The !switch will prevent Yoshi from dying but it will still remove a life from your total.
  • If you pause and check your life count you now have 0. If you die one more time, your life count under-flows to 999.
  • You can also just do the Zombie Glitch multiple times instead of dying at the middle ring and then doing it. Both methods should take around the same amount of time though.

AFK Farming In 1-7

1-7 AFK Farming
  • Grab a Melon Bug and go to the Shy Guy pipe.
  • Spit the Melon Bug so it gets stuck between the wall and the pipe.
  • Then, stand on the ledge to the right of the pipe and the Melon Bug will jump up and down, destroying the Shy Guys that jump out of the pipe.
  • After 7 Shy Guys, the game will give you a 1up each time.
  • Now you can go AFK for a bit, get a snack and something to drink while you wait for enough lives for practice.