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The following .zip download will include:

  • An emulator to play SNES games with (snes9x rr 1.51 v7)
  • 3 different Lua scripts
    • LUA_basic: A very simple/basic one that shows sprite IDs and also a trail of yoshi's movement (Helpful for Tongue Glitch in 3-3)
    • LUA_sprite_slots: Shows a detailed list of sprite slot IDs; very useful for Null Egg stuff & ACE (created by Arne)
    • LUA_complex: A very complex one where you can click on a menu to change lots of settings (created by Bruno)
  • 3 different RAM watch files that show some useful info
    • RAM_watch_USEFUL: Shows a bunch of useful stats like Yoshi's Speed, Position etc.
    • RAM_watch_ACE: For all important ACE specific egg infos/IDs/values
    • RAM_watch_ACE_old: The old ACE RAM watch... might be helpful for some?
  • A save file for Yoshi where File 1 is on 100% ("SAVE_FILE_rename_to_rom_name.srm") - IT WORKS WITH ALL NTSC (U+J) VERSIONS (PAL no idea)

Download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/49aee5b20sd77a2/yossy.zip (Does not include a Yoshi rom; you will have to obtain one yourself)

Setting it up ("Install")

  • Start Emulator
  • Click 'File->Open Rom' (This will create a /Roms/ folder)
  • Put Yoshi Rom into the /Roms/ folder
  • Load Yoshi (This will create a /Saves/ folder)
  • Close Emulator and put the save file into the /Saves/ folder
  • Rename the save file to have the same name as the rom

How To Use (After Set-Up)

  • Start Emulator
  • Load a rom
  • Load a Lua Script by selecting 'File->Lua Scripting->New Lua Script Window'
  • Load a RAM Watch by selecting 'Tools->RAM Watch' if you want to have other useful infos
  • You are ready!