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A very hard level to do optimally. The ghost blocking the path at the beginning can be a bit tricky. Yoshi must be facing away from him like any mario ghost; however, if you turn around while still in the air he might fly up and towards Yoshi, which can make shyguys roll under him instead of killing him. Also the shyguys walk back and forth randomly, which can make it annoying.

You can do a pipe jump on the downward pipe at :33 even though you don't press down to enter the pipe. Just press B on the same frame you enter the pipe.

The setup for the Salvo fight in the top video manipulates Salvo so he doesn't go into his invulnerability state and you can kill him quickly. Shoot the star cloud so that it's out of the way and doesn't block your eggs later. Run all the way to the right wall and then turn around. Try to shoot your upshots at the left side of Salvo so they go through him multiple times as he moves to the left.

The second key/blob can be skipped using a perfect flutter. Check out the video on that page. It may help to do two perfect flutters (one before the extended flutter and one after) to get extra height, although only the second one is necessary.

To avoid perfect flutters, an alternative is to use a mouse to make an extended flutter above the wall. You need to grab a mouse left to the pipe, spit it on the other side, and jump on it when it is jumping (see the second video).

Fluttering low over the first lava pit avoids the flower and red coins, saving time on the score screen. If the podaboos jump high you will need to throw eggs at them or tongue them. Make sure you still have four eggs for the boss fight.

The lava skip is very risky for a real run. Riding the log is only 3 seconds slower. To get a fast log, stand on the middle of the log (or flutter above it) and wait for the second wave to approach the log. When the peak of the wave is almost to the log move to the left edge of the log. You should get enough momentum to ride over the waves to the right as seen in the top video.

Tap-tap can be killed by firing ~5 quick "neutral" egg shots (just spam shoot egg) without moving. Therefore, getting to him with sufficient eggs is important.

There is a faster, if harder Tap-tap quick-kill strat with 4 eggs (see top video). The strat is:

1. Neutral egg from where you initially land
2. Move to the left and throw another neutral
3. Hug the right wall and throw another neutral
4. Back up and hug the left wall then throw a neutral right

Tap-Tap 4 shot comparison
Mouse setup
Slightly faster 4 shot