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Basic Warpless Route: https://youtu.be/htQwCbhw4f0

There are two dangerous parts during this level: the middle of the first area, with the shield shyguys and pits, and the end of the level. A safer way to handle the first section is to tongue the spear shyguys instead of spitting enemies into them as shown in the video -- slower, but much safer.

Spitting the shyguy at :07 allows you to avoid the first flower, which saves time on the score screen and eliminates the risk of getting a bonus game. Tonguing the Zeus guys at :20 before jumping over them is safer; if you opt to not tongue to save frames you will need to jump much earlier to avoid getting hit.

It's best to play through room 2 without any eggs to reduce lag. The Toadie jump at :47 saves about a half second; you need to get up to the ledge without having to flutter to save time.

At 1:12 it is recommended to go to the left of the egg block for safety, but some top runners go to the right as seen in the IL. The jump to the goal in the IL isn't too difficult but only saves about a quarter second. It's important to spit the toadie from far away to make sure the tap-taps get completely cleared out.

The end of the level can be done as shown in the gif below, though newer players might want to flutter more.

6-1 Ending.gif