5-6 Any%

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2nd Room Basic Route: https://youtu.be/Lp5IH20Kv28

The entire purpose of the autoscrolling portion of this level is to acquire The Chickenz and do loop-de-loops with them.

After the autoscroll, the baseball boy's egg can boost you up to the wooden platform. However, he might not spawn if you get the save ring and create a lot of stars on the screen, or if you have too many eggs. Additionally, if you have too many eggs, a Shyguy won't spawn on the next pipe. Ideally you want to enter the 2nd room with exactly 1 egg so everything spawns properly. This Shyguy can be used for an extended flutter to skip the red spikey platforms. After this section is an area with piranha plants and baseball guys that can lag very badly. Killing the piranha plants with offscreen eggshots can prevent this lag.

Fast ending strat: [1]