5-2 Any%

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Basic 5-2 Warpless: https://youtu.be/jdgv2aGjjPU

The jump at the end of the first screen requires a perfect flutter. Most runners spit a bumpty to bounce on as a backup in case they miss the perfect flutter. Opening the star clouds in room 2 can despawn the midring, meaning you don't have to jump over it. You need at least 4 eggs at this point for the despawn to work. Reference the video for navigating the tap-taps, or bouncing on the penguins at the end of the level.

If you are having a hard time avoiding the tap-taps or just want to swag, you can take the snowball.

Safe strat: [1]
Room 1 Extended flutter vs perfect flutter comparison [2]
Room 2 !switch comparison [3]