4-6 Any%

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Basic 4-6 Warpless: https://youtu.be/amJZpGE8_1M
  • Avoiding the spring ball at :17 is tricky; you may want to just bounce on it instead.
  • The fake egg dispensers that actually shoot out spikey green enemies do not fire if you have 6 eggs already. This can be a very useful technique for navigating the cave safely, as they fire randomly and can be difficult to avoid. The fish also jump mostly randomly, so pretonguing can be a helpful way to shield Yoshi from jumping fish. Just be sure to jump and release the dpad, to avoid losing speed.
  • There are many ways to kill the crab in the second cave room. If you ground pound it you will want to spit an enemy at it first to make sure it doesn't move too far right. You can also throw eggs at it (see IL) or spit both shyguys (spit the first one, then backtongue the second and spit it forward) and then throw one egg.
  • The end of the level can be tricky to navigate, due to green piranhas. Check out the video for route guidance. You can shoot the stilt guy in your way if you find that easier than jumping between him and the ceiling. Just make sure to aim at the shyguy itself rather than the stilts.