4-1 Any%

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Basic 4-3 Warpless: https://youtu.be/z52UhFi4ljM

An awesome, straightforward level that is mostly just about getting your jumps right, and removing obstacles from your path. There are many ways to navigate room 1; the videos on the right show a couple possibilities but feel free to come up with your own.

You can kill fuzzies in room 2 by throwing eggs at them or spitting shells. If you do get fuzzied, be careful not to run on the wooden platforms when they are sloped upwards, as you can easily clip through the floor and fall to your death. The super baby mario star at the end can be collected more quickly by doing an extended flutter off of a shyguy. Just after spitting the shyguy, throw a neutral (make sure you are lined up at the right place as in the video) to clear out the foam. To make the jump at 1:04, jump while holding left and then immediately afterwards switch to right. If you find this difficult you can run farther left and grab the star, then run back right to jump up to the ledge. The couple of jumps up the slopes at 1:09 are optional and a bit tricky but save a bit of time over running up all the slopes.

If you go for the Baby Mario skip in the IL record, you will probably need a second perfect flutter to make it up to the ledge after bouncing off the shyguy. It still saves close to a second over using Super Baby Mario.

Super Baby Mario strat comparisons: [1]